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Wouldn’t it be dope to be running your own successful online business?

Lemme guess — you’re having visions of sitting on the beach sipping a Mai Thai while your phone blows up with Stripe notifications because you’re still making bank, right? 


But here’s the thing: 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs we talk to, chances are you follow up that nice visual with a big ol’ BUT. 

Yeah, that’d be cool, buuuuut… 

  • I have no idea where to start
  • I’ve tried to launch my course before and no one bought it
  • I don’t have an audience
  • I’m working ALL THE TIME and seeing nothing for it
  • Sitting on the beach would mean I was making bank and um… I’m not

Dude. I hear you. So many passionate entrepreneurs get stuck here.

They WANT to create a business that gives them the financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom, and personal freedom they dream of… 

… but they have no idea how to make it all happen. 

But here’s what most struggling entrepreneurs don’t know. 

With the right system, building and scaling your online business can be, dare I say… easy. 

“Say whaaaat?! Does that system even exist?” 

You betcha. It’s called Business By Design — and we’d like to formally invite you to join us inside!

STUDENT SUCCESS STORY: Caitlin Mitchell, School Teacher

Business By Design is Your Ticket to a Thriving, Impactful AF Business

(without having to hustle and grind 24/7/365 to get there)

Created by our friend + mentor James Wedmore (a.k.a. the entrepreneurs’ Yoda), Business By Design ain’t your average online program. 

You know the ones where you watch a bunch of videos and then have to put all the pieces together yourself? Yeah… this is NOT like that. 

BBD Is Immersive.

Not only are you getting James’ transformation Business Training that helps you move from overworked and overwhelmed employee to Digital CEO… but he also has done-for-you launch templates, strategies, and promotional plans that you can plug directly into your business to kick your success into high gear.

When I say he’s covered everything you need to grow a profitable AF business that requires less time and makes more money, I mean it. 

This is the exact same system Josh and I have used to grow The Screw to a multi-million dollar business that we L-O-V-E. 

And because we believe in James and BBD to our core, we’ve created an siiiick Bonus Experience designed to accelerate your results so you can build the oh-hot-damn business you’ve always wanted. 


Check out what our students have been able to do inside our BBD Bonus Experience! 

Oh wait! In case you’re like, 

“Hold up, who the heck are you?”

What’s up! We’re Josh and Jill Stanton

We're the co-founders of Screw The Nine To Five (that’s our slice of the web that was coined by Forbes as a “destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs”). 

We’ve helped tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs quit their soul-sucking 9-5s and build thriving online businesses that give them the freedom, flexibility, impact, and cash money they’ve been looking for — and we’d be honored to help YOU do the exact same thing. 

Because the truth is, we know what it’s like to be stuck in an overworked and underpaid chapter in your life. 

Picture this: there we were, all excited for our first course launch. We were busting our asses trying to get this thing off the ground, working 7 days a week for at least 3 months. 

We shot the perfect videos. We created an entire free content series. We wrote compelling AF emails, designed a gorge members portal, made worksheets, promoted the hell out of it on social media, worked our asses off for aaaaaaages and… 

… we didn’t sell one f-ing course. 


Thank GOD that we met James Wedmore. He taught us how to STOP doing ALL. THE. THINGS. in our business and focus on the right things. 

And now, we run a 7-figure business that we freakin’ adore… especially because we have the honor of working with amazing peeps like YOU. 

And the best part is? You can get access to that EXACT same system we used inside BBD. 

STUDENT SUCCESS STORY: Tanya Smith, Photographer

FIVE Reasons We're OBSESSED With BBD:


BBD comes with a custom "Choose Your Own Business Adventure" assessment that allows you to pick a 90 day outcome, click a button and get a 90 day plan created FOR YOU (hello, momentum + money)


It comes with 6 weeks of high-impact group coaching with James so you get the crystal-clear clarity + direction you need to move forward with confidence


You get unlimited access to James’ done-for-you million dollar launch templates + execution plans so you can kiss those "meh" launches goodbye


You are surrounded and supported by a team of highly-trained BBD coaches and a kickass Facebook community so you're never left wondering what to do or HOW to do it (can I get an AMEN!?)


​You get a FREE TICKET to James' blockbuster 2-day event, BBD LIVE that will leave you feeling unleashed + unstoppable *bottles pop + crowd goes wild*

And that’s just the beginning! 

Are you ready to finally ditch the overwhelm, hustle, and omg-how-TF-do-I-do-this stage of your business and step into the NEXT LEVEL?!

If you’re doing your excited shimmy, then allow us to introduce you to…. 

The Ultimate BBD Bonus Experience!

Our exclusive bonus experience that gives you daily implementation support, live coaching, accountability and so much support you’ll think we moved into your house and just became roomies. 
Here's what you're getting on top of Business By Design:
  • 6 8 exclusive bonuses designed to help you earn more money
  • For anyone wanting personalized coaching and support 
  • ​Created specifically for Business By Design students
  • You ALSO get every Business By Design Bonus!
  • 100% FREE when you order through our link (click any of the buttons on this page)

BBD is the ultimate, immersive online program. 

It has everything you need to step into the 7-figure version of yourself. 

We’re just here to help ya get there even FASTER with some sick bonuses, including…

NEW BONUS #1: Make Back Your BBD Investment With Our Customized Done-With-You Promotion Plan

Value: $997

Imagine if you could have access to a team of coaches, personally trained by Josh and Jill who are there to help you create the EXACT promotion plan you need to make back your investment (and some!) in Business By Design.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone looking over your shoulder and helping you put together the perfect plan to promote and sell your online course or coaching program?

If you're not sure about your sales pitch, they will be there to listen and offer guidance.

If you struggle with the tech, they will be there to help you out.

If you're not sure about your sales copy, they can take a look and tell you what to change.

You will get all of this during the 2 weeks of implementation in our bonus experience, PLUS an additional two group coaching calls with Josh where he will walk you through creating the full schedule for your promotion.

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link Today!

NEW BONUS #2: "How We Got You To Join" Launch Debrief Coaching With Josh

Value: $497

Every time we run a promotion, we always get the same question from the people who joined:

"Can you show me exactly what you did to get me to to say yes?"

So we thought it would be helpful to break down the exact launch process we used for this Business By Design promotion.

Josh is going to break down EVERYTHING that we did on a private group coaching call including the full popup group process, the ads we ran, how we came up with our bonuses and the strategies we used to get people like yourself to say yes!

See what I did there 😉

This is a great chance to understand the full promotion process so that you can take everything that worked and use it in your own business.

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link Today!

BONUS #1: Become A Founding Member And Get A FREE Month Membership Inside The Lounge!

Do you ever wish there was a place where you could connect with other badass entrepreneurs who just… “get it”?

Same. We’re NOT about that #solopreneur life! 

Which is why we created The Lounge — our brand-spankin’ NEW private community that is heavy on the support, implementation, connection and momentum for online entrepreneurs.

Led by Team Screw, The Business Lounge hosts weekly “get-sh*t-done” co-working sessions, monthly action challenges (with prizes obvi), virtual mixers, and when the world opens back up — offline member meetups! 

*happy sigh*

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link Today!

Bonus #2: Complete Access to Our Six-Figure Pop-Up Group Done-With-You Accelerator

Value: $1997

Consider this your new secret weapon if you’re a course creator who wants to sell the hell out of your online course. 

After running several successful pop up groups that have helped us sell out our offers in minutes, Josh and I are sharing exactly how to create, fill, and host your own pop-up group that provides next-level support to your members and sets the stage to making your offer a complete no-brainer. 

With 4 weeks of ongoing, DAILY implementation sessions (Monday-Friday), live coaching calls, hot seats, and “get sh*t done” virtual co-working sessions, this accelerator is 100% done WITH you. 

*fist pump*

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link!

Bonus #3: Our Done-For-You Marketing and Sales Template Pack to Crush Your Pop-Up Group!

Value: $997

In addition to our 4-week pop-up group accelerator, we’re also handing over our complete, done-for you marketing and sales template pack for you to plug directly into your own pop-up group.

Here’s a rundown of everything you’re gonna get:
  • Facebook group set up checklist
  • ​Group funnel set up checklist
  • ​Copywriting resources
  • ​VSL script template
  • ​Launch content creation checklist
  • Facebook ads swipe file
  • ​A simple sales page template
  • ​A list of bonuses, upsells and one time offers
  • ​Zoom 101 PDF
  • ​Zoom Coaching Call Playbooks

Yeah. All done for you. *overly dramatic faint* 

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link!

Bonus #4: FREE Ticket to Screw The Nine To Five LIVE in San Diego (late 2021)

Value: $1997

This 3-day transformational event is packed with powerhouse speakers (including JAMES EFFIN’ WEDMORE!), laser coaching opportunities, and actionable strategies to help you create more impact, freedom and success in your business!

Not to mention the meetups, the parties...aannnd the after-parties! *wink*

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link!

Bonus #5: “Shift to Six” 2 Day Online Mastermind Experience (Oct 15 + 16) 

Value: $1997

Wait, you didn’t think we were going to wait to hang with you until 2021, did you?! Oh heeelllll no! 

When you join BBD through our Bonus Experience, you’ll also snag a spot in our “Shift to Six” 2-day online mastermind experience. 

These two days will be packed with 2-on-1 hot seats, breakout rooms, micro masterminds, and behind-the-scenes of what’s working in our own business right now so you can steal it and implement it into your business.

Translation: we’re giving you all the pieces your business needs to shift past that sexy six figure mark. 

*confetti toss*

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link!

Bonus #6: 90 Minute No Holds Barred Q&A with James Wedmore

Value: $997

Have a burning question you want to ask the Yoda of entrepreneurs? Here’s your chance! 

When you join BBD through The Screw, you’ll get an exclusive, ultra-private 90-minute group Q & A with James Wedmore — the eight figure man behind Business By Design. 

In this session you’ll be able to ask James for advice, direction or clarity and get his custom feedback on your business!

Can we get a HELL YES?

*booty shake*

Get This For FREE When You Join BBD Through Our Affiliate Link!

Join NOW and claim all of the following:
  • ​Get a FREE month inside our brand new membership
  • ​The Six-Figure Popup Group Accelerator  (Value $1,997)
  • ​Done-For-You Marketing Sales Templates (Value $997)
  • ​FREE Ticket To Screw The Nine To Five Live (Value $1,997)
  • ​Shift To Six 2-Day Virtual Mastermind (Value $1,997)
  • ​90-Min Group Coaching With James Wedmore (Value $997)
  • ​NEW Done-With-You Promotion Plan (Value $997)
  • ​NEW Launch debrief with Josh (Value $497)


Yours today for...


When you invest in Business By Design
Start Now Before Doors Close For An Entire Year!
Just forward your welcome email or receipt to

How do I get these bonuses?!


Join BBD Through Our Link

Click THIS LINK or any of the buttons on this page to be taken directly to the enrollment page for Business By Design 


Forward Your Receipt

Once you join BBD, forward your Welcome Email from James to us at


Claim Your Bonuses

Our team will then shoot you out instructions on how to access your
2020 bonus package

Have Qs? We got you! 

If I get your bonuses, do I still get the Business By Design bonuses?

Totally! That’s the beauty of joining through our BBD Bonus Experience.

Not only are you going to get ALL of our bonuses, you also get the full BUSINESS BY DESIGN program + every single done-for-you template inside BBD, + live coaching with James and his team of BBD coaches + a FREE ticket to his mega-popular 2-day live event, BBD Live. 

Pretty sweet, right?

How can I be sure that I get all of your bonuses?

Once you purchase BBD, forward your receipt to support[at], and we’ll send you a full bonus delivery schedule—including the dates for when you can expect each bonus!

We will also send you a full schedule of the different live calls so you can block off the appropriate time to be fully present with us!

Will I have access to Josh and Jill to ask questions?


When you join BBD through our Bonus Experience, you’re getting four weeks inside our Six-Figure Pop-Up Group Done-WITH-You Accelerator, which includes a whole lotta time with us Stantons + Team Screw (I’m talking training calls, coaching Q & As, and implementation sessions). 

PLUS you’ll get access to us in our virtual Shift to Six Mastermind event and our LIVE in-person event in November 2021. 

It might just be a Stanton overload (JK there’s no such thing… right?! RIGHT?!) 

When does BBD start? 

Immediately! As soon as you enroll in Business By Design, you get instant access to the program. That means you can get started on making your dream business a reality like… TODAY! 

I’m pretty busy. What if I don’t have time for BBD? 

Are you saying you don’t have time to invest in yourself and your vision? 

Look — we know you’re busy. And honestly, one of the reasons you’re so busy is probably because you’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS to grow your business. 

BBD is about focusing on the right things, so you can get out of overworked employee mode and step into the Digital CEO role your business so desperately needs.

And the amazing thing about BBD? It’s entirely self-paced. You can go through the training and launch templates at any time after signing up (but this IS your only chance this year to sign up and get these incredible bonuses from us!). 

So why should you join TODAY? 

Because we know BBD works, and we want you to implement it ASAP so you can finally get your time back (oh yeah… and create a massively successful business. Duh!)

Is BUSINESS BY DESIGN right for me if I don’t have a business yet?

Honestly? YES IT IS!

Unlike most programs that focus on teaching you just one specific thing, BUSINESS BY DESIGN uses a more holistic approach that helps you transform from an overworked employee into an unstoppable entrepreneur!

In short, it’s one of the only online business programs that covers EVERYTHING and helps you master both the INNER + OUTER game of entrepreneurship!

So you can see what a no-brainer this is, right?

Here’s the truth — there’s NO other program out there like this. 

BBD is like your plug-in-and-go playbook to success. 

So… what the heck are you waiting for?! 

If you’re ready to finally stop feeling like the overworked and underpaid employee in your business and step into your role as Digital CEO, BBD is for you. 

And Josh and I are so excited to support you every step of the way with our bonus experience.  

Claim Your FREE Bonuses

Hurry! Time is running out to join Business By Design and our FREE Additional Bonuses!

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