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The Screw The Nine To Five Business By Design Bonus Experience!
The Only BBD Bonus Experience That Will Help You Grow Your Audience Fast, Build a Profitable Email List and Create a Steady Stream of Daily Passive Income
(without drowning in feelings of overwhelm, confusion and WTF-ness) 
Learn from the guy who taught us how to run a business that fits around OUR lifestyle...and NOT somebody else's.
If you’re ready to transform your business from I-can’t-take-it-anymore stressful, to oh-snap-I-run-this-sh*t successful…

Then you're ready for our Business By Design Bonus Experience—designed specifically for the ambitious entrepreneur who wants that extra edge
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Be honest with us...
What does your business feel like right now?
Slow? Uncertain? Stressful? Like a *gasp* J-O-B?
And while you love it (most days) and it makes some money, it also leaves you feeling over-worked and totally exhausted when you look at your endless list of tasks like: 
  • Writing emails...
  •  Creating content...
  •  Serving your clients and customers...
  •  Planning promotions...
  •  Creating and running Facebook ads...
  •  Hosting webinars...
  •  Doing Facebook Lives…
  •  Finding new clients and customers...
  •  Designing mediocre graphics in Canva...
  •  Engaging on social media...
  •  Handling customer support...
  •  Launching your next big thing...
I mean, it’s enough to make you day-drink!

We get it.

And we’re telling you, there’s a better way. 

One that is pre-tested, proven and can help you reach your people, smash your goals and finally come out on top with ease.  
THAT is what Business By Design is all about. 
Because Let's Get
One Thing Straight
You don’t have time to act like a hot mess in your business. 

You are not an employee. You’re a Digital CEO. 

It’s time to stop torturing yourself with a time-strapped, you-dependent business that gives you more stress than success. 

And we're going to help you achieve that. 
Introducing Our Business By Design Bonus Experience
The fact that you’ve made it this far means you have a commitment to growing your business, getting your freedom back and actually ENJOYING the process (yes, it is possible!)...

Which is why we're thrilled to offer you FIVE exclusive, custom bonuses if you join Business By Design through The Screw, designed for the ambitious entrepreneur who is craving that extra competitive edge!

Here’s how it all shakes down...
eTo celebrate the final day of enrollment for Business By Design, we are dropping a new bonus, LIVE Coaching Call With James Wedmore.

This is exclusive only to members who join through Team Screw! To get this bonus and every other on this page, just follow the steps below...
Ready To Add Another Zero (or Two) To Your Monthly Income? 
Claim Your 5 FREE Bonuses and Join Business By Design TODAY
Whenever we create anything, we like to set a mission objective for us and the people we work with.

This is our mission:

"To create the most number of success stories that will appear on the Business By Design sales page in 2019."

If you're looking to join an Olympic caliber team of entrepreneurs who are looking to skyrocket their businesses in 2019, then this bonus experience is right for you.
You've got Q's, we've got A's (from James himself!) to your biggest burning Business By Design questions.

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about this program and the additional bonus experience from Screw The Nine To Five. If you have a question that doesn't appear below, you can contact us directly by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

What makes the Members of BBD and all the Testimonials I've Seen So Successful?

Business By Design was specifically crafted with the Course Creator, Coach, and Online Influencer in mind. What makes THIS program different than any course you've ever taken can be broken out into three distinct reasons: 

#1. MINDSET - Beginning with an OBSESSION with why some succeed and others fail, I set out to create a program that will help you cause a BREAKTHROUGH in results for your business. I don’t just tell you what to do, you get an experience of producing real results for yourself.

#2. A FOCUS ON THE 5% - Inside Business By Design, we talk at a high level. I talk to you as the CEO of your business... not the technician. I’ll force you to cut out overwhelm by focusing on the 5% of activities that generate 95% of the results in your business.

#3. A CUSTOMIZABLE PLAN - Your business is different. YOU are different. Business by Design shows you how to craft the right plan for your business based on the VISION you’ve created for yourself. Then, you get the EXACT steps necessary to execute your customized plan.

If I am just getting started, and I don't have a business yet, is this still a good fit for me?

BBD was created for those who have an expertise that you can package. If you’ve got an idea, we can turn it into a scaleable online business. 

The beautiful thing about this program is that it works for new entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs, due to the nature of the 3 Phases, which you’ll cycle through over and over again. So yes, if you’re new to business, this is 100% for you.

I don't have a big list or following, will this course still help me?

A tiny list isn’t a problem. In fact, you can grow your list as you launch. You don’t need a list of thousands to get started. If you check out the testimonials on this page, you’ll see that our BBD members had 5-figure and 6-figure launches with quote-unquote tiny lists.

I’ll show you exactly how to expand your reach. You’ll see how I was able to build an email list of over 175,000 email subscribers without big joint venture partners or affiliates.

I don't have anything to sell, am I ready for this course yet?

YES. Abso-freakin’-lutely. In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll experience as a member of BBD is how quickly & effectively you’ll craft and sell your course, program, digital product, or membership.

This sounds overwhelming, how much time will this course take to implement?

If this course sounds like a beast, it might just be because you feel overwhelmed in your business. And you’re trying to imagine how you’ll add this program to your existing “to-do” list.

Business By Design is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm. It’s a system designed to give you focus and clarity on your VISION. It will help you align your actions so you can see the BIG PICTURE of where you are headed.

Also, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to Business By Design. It is not the type of program you rush to complete. Inside the program, I help you identify which phase you are in… and based on that we’ll identify the necessary actions you need to take to “graduate” to the next phase.

That does not require completing the entire course.

So, if you can commit just a few hours a week to the training, you can begin to see a whole new level of growth and progress in your business immediately.

I don't have a team. Will this be too much work for just me?

As you'll quickly learn, I highly recommend attracting the right people to support you as you realize the VISION for your business. However, many of my students do get results while "flying solo."

Approaching your business without a team won't be too much work, it will simply mean you will move at a different pace. So, with that being said, I empower my students to find virtual assistants and team members quickly, easily... and for a FRACTION of the price you'd expect to pay!

I struggle with confidence and putting myself out there before it's "perfect," will this help?

You and me both. If you have a message and a desire to help others, YES! I can help you break through any fear or worry about perfectionism, rejection, or criticism.

I'm overwhelmed with the technology involved with an online business! Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to make this work?

No. It’s never been easier (and cheaper) to build an online presence than RIGHT NOW. And whether you do it all alone or hire others to help, your job is not to be a programmer or IT specialist.

So no matter how hard or confusing you may think it is right now, the “techy” stuff doesn’t have to limit you or keep you stuck any longer.

What can I expect once I enroll in Business By Design?

Upon completing your order, you will receive an email immediately with your login details.

Upon your first login, you will get INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, bonuses, and the Members-Only Facebook Group.

Business By Design is a digital video training portal. When you join, your purchase includes INSTANT access with lifetime updates to all of the material.

What is the guarantee/refund policy for Business By Design?

We offer a LIFETIME Conditional Guarantee. We do not offer refunds.

All I require is that you've COMPLETED the course, attended the coaching calls (or watched the replays) AND submitted a Debrief from any of the strategies taught in the program. This is my commitment to you.

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the Community! Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.

Can my team go through this program with me?

Yes! And I encourage it! I understand the power of working as a team and would love to see you and your team work collectively to create your Business By Design.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

As a Member of Business By Design, I want you to know "I've got your back!" You have FOUR unique ways to get the support and feedback you need! 

#1. The Private (Members-Only) Facebook Group
This is your community. This is your chance to ask questions and get feedback about your marketing.

#2. Your LIVE Group Coaching Calls
As a new Member, you'll also receive LIVE group Coaching Calls with me and the other Members. Any questions or clarifications you need can be directed to me LIVE on our calls!

#3. My Support Team
Any "technical" issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed immediately by Rose and our Support Team at any time!
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